Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 184 - Wednesday 2nd July

Doc – Short beard, red tunic, brown hat and glasses

This is quite apt for me today as I have had my hospital appointment for my back. I was prodded and poked, sent for blood tests and x-rays. The doctor thinks it may be arthritis in my back that is causing me all my problems. I have to go back in 3 weeks for my results.

The Snow White website states that the Doc personality is:
· Doc-dwarf people are very verbal about their opinions – Yep that’s me
· Doc is intimidating to other group members – I hope not
· They are "take charge" people – I am a complete control freak
· They dislike to see mistakes repeated, and have no patience with inefficiency – oops I think that is me
· Docs love to interact with people – YES, YES, YES
· As Extroverts, they're energized and stimulated primarily externally – Yes yet again

Having read the whole Doc personality characteristics I would say I am pretty Doc like which I am not exactly convinced is a good thing.


knitkath said...

That pic is great for today!

malaryush said...

What great jornalling today. I'm glad you're extrovert and chatty and I don't think you're at all intimidating.

Kay said...

Fab Claire, so apt for you today then.