Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Freedom - Week 2 Day 7

Day 7 we were allowed to day dream and plan out a magically inspiring day. We could forget realistic annoyances such as distance and expense. Here is mine:

My Dream Day with my Husband
Who would you be with?
My husband on a beautiful warm hot sunny day in Spring
Where would you go?
For a lovely walk in the Lake District around Buttermere Lake

What would you talk about?
Our future,our dreams and general stuff
What would you do in the morning?
Wake late to beautiful views from our rented cottage windows with the sound of bleating sheep on the hills. Eat a leisurely breakfast and then go for a walk round Buttermere Lake What would you eat?
On our walk we would have some sweets to munch on (just to keep our sugar levels up!!!) After our walk we go to the Fish Inn for a cold beer and a lovely lunch (with dessert – well we would have deserved it after the walk)
What would you do in the afternoon?
We go to the Ratty Railway in Eskdale Valley and ride on the little steam train.
What souvenirs would you keep from the day?
I would find a lucky stone from the shores of the Buttermere lake, plenty of photos and a tacky souvenir of the train ride to bring home to Zoƫ.
What would you do in the evening?
We would return to the cottage and the evening would have turned cold and so we would light a huge real log fire and cuddle up on the sofa with a couple of glasses of wine and just relax with a book and just have some very precious us time.


valerie said...

sounds like a beautiful day have never been to the lake distrct but I certainly aspire too


malaryush said...

What a gorgeous sounding day