Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 206 - Thursday 24th July

Capricorn – The Horned Goat - Ruby - Ivy

Capricorn - The Goat - December 22 – January 20. The tenth sign of the zodiac. The traditional Capricorn traits are:
Practical and prudent – I am quite practical but I am not overly prudent. Take this morning as an example, I have just ordered 132 Prisma Pencils after having played with my friend’s and I just HAD to have them even though I have two sets of 72 other pencils.
Ambitious and disciplined – I think I am both these traits – I have worked hard to get where I am although, since having Zoe I am not quite so career driven anymore. I am pretty disciplined too – once I have set my mind on something, I don’t usually deviate from the plan.
Patient and careful – I am definitely less patient since I have had Zoe but I think this is because she would try the patience of a saint. She is so independent and she insists on doing everything herself which can be painful as she can’t do most of the things that she really wants to do. This is fine when we have plenty of time, but when you need to get out of the house for a set time, I do tend to lose my patience with her. I am careful but it depends about what.
Humorous and reserved – I think I am quite funny but I know I am not reserved. I tend to say stupid things without thinking about the circumstances I am in and whether it is appropriate to say it.
On the darker side, Capricorns can be:
Pessimistic and fatalistic – no I am definitely not pessimistic but I do believe what will be, will be.
Miserly and grudging – I hope I am neither of these.

I am a Capricorn having my birthday in January and my husband would definitely say I am an old goat.


Steph said...

Great set of photos Claire - glad the potty training is going well too.

knitkath said...

Now we know your sign! Definitely not an old goat!

malaryush said...

Great goaty photo although you are far from old or goaty as a person