Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Freedom - Week 2 - Day 6

A little out of order I know, but the blog prompt for this was to share an photo of yourself and a current photo and tell my readers a little something that has changed and a little that has stayed the same.

These pictures should come with a warning!!! Truly hideous! Just look at those glasses!!!!
They were taken about 10 years ago and I would have been a very tight fitting size 18 verging on size 20. I had just started going out with my now husband James - god only knows what he saw in me. Shortly after this photo, I had my hair cut off and looked even worse. Life was pretty grim at the time as I had left my partner of 5 years and had moved back home with my mum.
Now I am a loose fitting size 14, happily married with a beautiful 2 year old daughter and no glasses!!! Life could not be any different!!!! I have just showed the pictures to my daughter and she didn't know who the photos were of. Phew what a relief!


knitkath said...

Wow, you have changed, that's what happiness does for you!

Kay said...

Well done you!!!

Mary B said...

I agree with Kath when you are happily married and have such a lovely DD (even if she is going through a bad time) you look so much younger than you did 10 years ago.

Beejay said...

What a change Claire. Brilliant.