Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 186 - Friday 4th July

Grumpy – Long beard, red tunic, brown hat and scowl.

Well I feel quite grumpy this morning as Molly the cat decided to leave a little parcel for me on the kitchen floor which she kindly thought to wrap in a tea towel first. Not the best thing to see when you first wake up!

Grumpy personality characteristics are:

· Grumpy is self confident and assertive – No but I wish I could be more assertive
· Grumpy is suspicious and distrustful – I hope not
· Grumpy may be argumentative and hard to control - Nope
· Have a clear set of standards and beliefs – Yes I do
· Have no patience or understanding of individuals who do not value these systems – No each to his own
· They value competence and efficiency – Yes I do
· Grumpy is extremely straight-forward and honest – I like to think I am

So I am not too grumpy, unlike my darling Zoë who has woken in a terrible grumpy mood. Oh what fun today is going to be!!!!


malaryush said...

{{huggles}}for Zoe and even bigger {{{{huggles}}}} for her patient loving Mum

knitkath said...

Awwwwm bless her, that is a great pic! Hope her mood improves as the day goes on!

willowthewysp said...

Lol! at the cat parcel all wrapped up!!!!!

Beejay said...

Ah don't you just love her!

Shirley said...

Even this photo of a 'Grumpy' Zoe looks cute.
{{{{huggles}}}} to you both.

Mary B said...

Oh what a face sorry you have had a day from hell today. still hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Steph said...

Oh bless!!! I hope your day wasn't too bad in the end!