Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 201 - Saturday 19th July

Leo - Lion – Peridot – Sunflower

Leo - The Lion – July 23 to August 22. The fifth sign of the zodiac. The traditional Leo traits are:
Generous and warmhearted – I think I am both of these traits and I have said this before but I always try to treat people in the same way as I like to be treated
Creative and enthusiastic – I try very hard to be creative. I certainly am inside my head but somehow it doesn’t quite translate down onto the paper
Broad-minded and expansive – I hope to think I am broad minded and I live by the motto of “Live and let live”.
Faithful and loving – These I am definitely. I married for life and my husband is the most important person in my life (after Zoë)!!!
On the darker side Leos can be:
Pompous and patronizing – I certainly hope I am neither of these traits
Bossy and interfering – I think I can be a little of both of these but only with good intentions.
Dogmatic and intolerant – nope that isn’t me.

Last year we grew some sunflowers for Zoë and one seems to have seeded itself in the garden. Also I am addicted to eating sunflower seeds. I love them on my cereals and on my Ryvita with Philadephia cheese – extra light of course!!!
Here is the lion of the family


Mary B said...

And a gorgeous Lion s/he is too

knitkath said...

Oooh, scary lion! Gorgeous pic!

malaryush said...

What an adorable lion - and I'm loving your take on these prompts :D

Kay said...

A lovely lion well done Claire.