Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 203 - Monday 21st July

Libra – Scale or Balance – Opal - Daisy

Libra - The Scales - September 24 – October 23. The seventh sign of the zodiac. The traditional Libran traits are:
Diplomatic and urbane – I try to be diplomatic but not sure that I succeed. I didn’t know what urbane meant so had to look it up “Polished and smooth in manner; polite, refined, and elegant.” – Mmmm no that is not me!!!
Romantic and charming – I think I am romantic but James may disagree. I am not charming as to me that means smarmy and smoozy!!!
Easygoing and sociable - I am very sociable but don’t really go out much anymore. I am pretty easygoing but again James may disagree!
Idealistic and peaceable – I am quite idealistic and expect a lot from the world and people and then usually end up disappointed. I would love to see peace in the world but I don’t think I will ever see it in my lifetime as things seem to be getting worse and not better.
On the darker side, Librans can be:
Indecisive and changeable – I don’t think I am indecisive, but then again maybe I am!!! ;-)
Gullible and easily influenced – I am not gullible but can be easily influenced especially when it comes to crafty things. I just need to see something popular and then that is it, I need it!
Flirtatious and self-indulgent – I am quite flirtatious but I like to call it sociable J
James is a Libran and doesn’t really live up to any of these traits either. I must be attracted to Librans as all my boyfriends bar one have been Librans.


knitkath said...

Lovely pic of your dh!

Mary B said...

Gorgeous photo