Friday, July 18, 2008

My Freedom - Third Layout - Inspiration

This layout had to use a list based style of journalling. I have chosen books as they inspire me and my imagination, a picture of Zoe as she is a constant source of inspiration to me and also a picture of some of the ladies from the 365 challenge on UKS. I have never met any of these girls but I chat to them every day on the internet and have done so for the last 200 days. I feel like I know them really well and we are all meeting up in November for real for some serious scrapping and some real life chatting. We all support and inspire each other!!!
Page 1:
Page 2:
As a double layout:


Kay said...

OH Claire I love it and thanks for calling us yuor inspiration what a lovely compliament. I can't wait to meet you IRL next week!

Eleni said...

Looking great! :D I have some of those books too! :D

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Claire we are famous!! Thank you for thinking we are inspirational :)