Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 204 - Tuesday 22nd July

Scorpio – The Scorpian - Chrysoberyl - Geranium

Scorpio - The Scorpian - October 24 – November 22. The eighth sign of the zodiac. The traditional Scorpian traits are:
Determined and forceful – I am a very determined person but not very forceful. I will always complete things that I have set myself but I am not very good at making sure others are doing what has been asked of them. I really do not like confrontation.
Emotional and intuitive – I am quite an emotional person especially if I am tired. I either get very silly and hyper or very tearful.
Powerful and passionate – not sure about either of these traits – too tired to be passionate ;-)
Exciting and magnetic – I don’t think I am exciting as such or particularly magnetic but most people seem to like me and I am quite popular.
On the darker side, Scorpians can be:
Jealous and resentful – I am not a jealous person or resentful but I think that is because I am in a settled and happy place which I value very highly, so I have nothing to be resentful of
Compulsive and obsessive – no I don’t think I am either of these other than about crafting stash, but then I think all crafters are like this ;-)
Secretive and obstinate – no I am not these either, unless you know any different and if you do, ssssshhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone!!!


knitkath said...

Another great pic!

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Brilliant! Love the pics you arecoming up with!

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Fab again Claire

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