Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 197 - Tuesday 15th July

Aries - Ram – Bloodstone - Honeysuckle

A new week, and this weeks prompts will be the Zodiac signs. Be inspired by birth stones, animals, flowers or the characteristics of each sign.

Aries - The Ram - March 21 to April 20. The first sign of the zodiac. The traditional Aries traits are:

Adventurous and energetic – I don’t feel very energetic today and have in fact come home from work early with a really bad headache, blurry vision and dizziness. I have just woken up from 3 hours of sleep and am feeling a little better.
Pioneering and courageous – I don’t think I am particularly pioneering – I tend to need or do what others have or do. I am not very courageous either – quite a wimp really.
Enthusiastic and confident – I am enthusiastic about things. I tend to really get into a task and want to see it right through to the end. I am a relatively confident person in my abilities but not at all in my looks or the way I am perceived by others.
Dynamic and quick-witted – not sure if I am either of these.

On the darker side, the Aries can be:
Selfish and quick-tempered - I hope to think I am not selfish but I am definitely quick tempered and I can fly off the handle very easily.
Impulsive and impatient – This sums me up perfectly. If ever I want something or to do something, I have to have it or do it now. In hindsight, these are not good traits to have.
Foolhardy and daredevil – I am not a daredevil. On our visit to Paulton’s Park at the weekend, I was very scared going on most of the rides.

These are my step mum's sheep back in April.


knitkath said...

Cute sheep! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Mary B said...

Ah cute love it when their fleece is white like that and they are so young.

malaryush said...

gorgeous sheep - can we come cuddle them :D

Beejay said...

great picture Claire