Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Freedom - Week 1 Day 1

Another new challenge that I have undertaken.

This is on-line class by Shimelle called My Freedom. More information can be found here http://www.shimelle.com/classes/353/a-new-class-for-summer.
It is a 5 week course with daily prompts for photography and story telling and at the end of it I will have a complete album (hopefully)which tells my story in a new way. We will be capturing the spontaneity of life and put it in perspective with thoughts about the past, present and future.
The first prompt is about time and travel. We have to take photos representing these two subjects. The blog prompt is to put up our favourite clock photo and then let you, my readers, know how I will make time for this project.
Well the clock bit is easy as this is the clock that lives in Zoe’s room. It did have a pendulum with her name on it but the clock fell off the wall and broke. But I still love it. And how I am going to make time for this project... ...well to be honest, god only knows how I am going to fit this in with working, being a mum and all the other crafting challenges I am doing this year. I know that I will though as once I have set myself a challenge I always stick to it. I was even taking photos as I driving to work today!!! Is that illegal? Is it the same as using a mobile phone?


valerie said...

what a really pretty clock

Lisa Marie said...
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Lisa Marie said...

I love anything that has to do with angels. I even named my dtr Angelica !

Anita said...

What a lovely clock , so pretty .

Fiona said...

A really nice clock.