Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 200 - Friday 18th July

Cancer - Crab – Emerald – Lily

Cancer – The Crab – June 22 to July 22. The fourth sign of the zodiac. The traditional Cancerian traits are:
Emotional and loving- this is me to a tee. I can be very emotional especially when I am tired. I am also a loving person and I love to love and be loved.
Intuitive and imaginative – I am not so sure about the intuitive but I am certainly imaginative. I think I have a great imagination and I think that is why I prefer books to films as then I can imagine the characters, scenery etc
Shrewd and cautious – I don’t think I am shrewd and I am cautious in some things but not in others. It depends on what it is. If there is a risk of me getting hurt, then I am always careful but sometimes I just think what the hell, let’s do it!!!
Protective and sympathetic – This is definitely me. I am very protective – probably too much where Zoe is concerned and I am sympathetic to people and will always try to see things their way as long as they are honest with me. I hate being lied to.
And on the darker side, Cancerians tend to be:
Changeable and moody – sometimes I can be – usually dependant on the time of the month ;-)
Overemotional and touchy – again I can be this but I have to be feeling very down or very tired
Clinging and unable to let go – I don’t think I am this. I am quite an independent person who likes to stand on her own two feet. Until the day that Zoe tries to leave home!!! ;-(

My photo for today has nothing to do with the prompt, but it is Willow's (365 buddie) birthday and so this is for her!!!

This is Dusk and her mate Charlie and babies are due next week if she is pregnant.


Kay said...

Oh wonderful Claire well done.

knitkath said...

Great pic, hope there are babies!

Mary B said...

that is a lovely idea Claire.

malaryush said...

What a gorgeous photo and a wonderful idea :D