Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 202 - Sunday 20th July

Virgo - Virgin - Carnelian – Chrysanthemum

Virgo - The Virgin – August 23 to September 23. The sixth sign of the zodiac. The traditional Virgo traits are:
Modest and shy – I am quite modest but I am no longer shy. I used to be very shy and would hide if we had visitors until they had gone but in adulthood, especially since the birth of Zoë I am not shy at all and will talk to anyone.
Meticulous and reliable – I think I am both these. I am very meticulous and like to do things in just the right way to get just the right result. I do try to be reliable but I am much more forgetful since Zoë, so I do sometimes forget dates etc and then tend to double book myself.
Practical and diligent – I am quite practical but I am definitely diligent. I like to get things done on time. I had to be behind on anything and my crafting challenges is a good example of this. Very rarely do I leave things to the last minute.
Intelligent and analytical – A big part of my job is writing report about how we are trading and stock level analysis etc so I guess I have to be analytical.
On the darker side, Virgos can be:
Fussy and a worrier – I unfortunately have both these traits. I am not hugely fussy but I do like things to be just so and I do tend to worry about things too.
Overcritical and harsh – I am not harsh but I do tend to criticise things. I may not air my criticisms but I would definitely be thinking them.
Perfectionist and conservative – I wouldn’t say I was either of these particularly but I am perhaps just a little bit of both.
Although I seem to have most of the Virgo traits, I am not a virgo!! Can you guess which one I am yet or have we not covered my star sign yet?


knitkath said...

Well, I can't guess, do we have to wait until the 12 days are up to find out?

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Trying to guess but not at all sure!

Shirley said...

Not good at guessing Claire....couldn't even find it in you UKS Bio when I tried to cheat!!!!!!!!